Industrial Photonics product range extends into electronics parts inspection where dimensional checks for connector separation and possible short circuit detection are required

These applications provide 100% quality inspection for plated lead frames used to make SOT devices. The solution covers a range of lead frames with widths ranging from 12 mm to 30 mm, moving at a speed of 12 metres per minute.
Typically, four PPT IMPACT cameras are mounted on the coiler which winds up the 4 strands of the finished products into a spool. The cameras are triggered by sensors placed at the pilot hole of the lead frame. With a resolution of 15 microns per pixel, the vision system can pick up defect size as small as 45 microns. Detectable defects include missing plating, offset plating, plating contamination and lead shift. The system is designed to allow four cameras to be displayed in the control panel and also to keep the last failing image for operator verification.
Each IMPACT is configured to pass or fail the individual strand of lead frames based on criteria configured by the operators. Buzzers and light towers are wired to the fail signal to alert the operator on which strand is failing. The Cutting press is also stopped immediately if a
reject is found. Inspection results are stored in a text file located in the hard disk of the vision PC for production history.
Typical stamp part images

Inspection Results From All Cameras are Displayed on the Same Control Panel

Application Highlights

  • Missing plating, offset plating, plating contamination and lead shift
  • Covers a range of products in different widths
  • Multiple camera views displayed on one control panel
  • Inspection criteria for each strand of lead frame can be configured independently by operators
  • Integrated buzzers, light towers and real time cutting press control provide effective failing part management
  • Production history data is stored in a text file located on the vision PC

Key points:

Fast, Easy to Use and Flexible

  1. High speed inspection on continuous connected strips or singulated pieces
  2. Simple icon-based graphical user interface
  3. Eliminate cumbersome, long, tedious and costly program development time
  4. Proven system with track record of repeat orders
  5. PPT systems are "tools" that are not project specific - can be easily transferred within the factory


Electronic component image using polyview lense

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