Next Instruments

Next Instruments offers a revolutionary business model where new and innovative technology developed and manufactured in Australia can be marketed throughout the world. Next Instruments has brought together a range of innovative analytical and process measurement technologies under the one banner in order to professionally and aggressively bring them to the world markets.

NIT Grain Analysers

The Cropscan products are Near infrared Transmission analysers designed for measuring agricultural products.

NIR Analysers

The MultiScan products are Near infrared analysers designed for measuring protein, oil and moisture in foods, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemical, and other industrial products.

Image Analysers

SeedCount is a system for measuring the physical attributes of seeds and grains such as length, width, thickness, blackpoint, demaged grains.

GI and RS Analysers

The NutriScan products are designed for the In Vitro measurement of Glycaemic Index and Resistant Starch in foods.

Electronic Nose

The OdourScan products are electronic noses designed for either continuous monitoring of air for odours and smells or as a discrete benchtop analyser for measuring the consistency of an odour.

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