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Opto Engineering® designs and manufactures optical systems for imaging, metrology, sensors, projection and lasers.
Opto Engineering® is the fusion of old craftmanship still needed for precision optics with fresh, innovative concepts and technologies.
For Opto Engineering® "innovation" means smart design and engineering as well as a business model targeting excellent quality-to-price ratios and a fast response to the market demands.

UV BI-Telecentric Lenses
TC UV Series Telecentric Lenses are specifically designed to ensure the highest image resolution today available in the machine vision world. No other lenses in the market can efficiently operate with pixels as small as 2 micron; for this reason TC UV Telecentric Lenses are a MUST for all those using high resolution cameras and seeking for the highest possible system accuracy.
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Pericentric Lenses
An exclusive product developed by OPTO ENGINEERING® to enable 3D peripheral vision of objects without the aid of mirrors.By means of this unique optical design, just one camera shot is enough to capture the top and side views of an object.
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Catadioptric PC Lenses
PCCD Series are pericentric lenses exclusively developed and produced by Opto Engineering® to enable the 360° side view imaging of small objects. Their innovative optical design, based on a catadioptric system, makes it possible to image small objects, with diameters as small as 7 mm.
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Hole Inspection Lenses
Developed by OPTO ENGINEERING® to enable the perfect viewing of holed objects, cavities and containers.
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Micro Polyview Optics
Is a 3D, multi-image lens designed to completely measure and inspect objects whose dimensions range from 1 to 10 millimeters, such as electronic components, solder paste and micromechanics Six different lateral views are provided by an array of mirrors interfaced to a bi-telecentric lens; the top of the object is directly imaged at the center of the field of view.
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