Packaging Solutions

Flow Wrap

Automated Vision Inspection for Bag Seal Integrity.
Flow Wrap system checks the seal integrity of food bags packed on a vertical form fill machine.
It detects food residue and greases in the seal area. Folded, burnt or missing seals are reliably detected.
A top quality seal area does not only prevent food spoilage and prolong shelf life, but also ensures the aesthetics of the product.

The Camsensor smart camera inspects the top and bottom seal of the food bag when it is released from the jaw assembly. Failed seals will be marked with an instantaneous reject signal. The system also provides an instant determination of faulty machine components and incorrect machine set up leading to defect seals.

The Camconsole operator display shows up real-time inspection results. The interface allows for an easy set-up for new products.
Camconsole logs the results to a database, Camlink. Accumulated information can be monitored conveniently via a normal web browser and can be used for production management control.


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