Packaging Solutions

Jar Lid

Automated Vision Inspection for Vacuum Seal Integrity
Jar Lid system checks the vacuum seal integrity of food containers. All pop sealed vacuum glass containers of different height and with different lid styles can be inspected with this compact solution. Ensuring the presence of the vacuum seal does not only maximise the storage life of the product, but also secures the customers confidence in the product.

Utilising a Camsensor smart camera, the top of the lid is profiled and measured for its deflection to determine the presence of the vacuum seal.
High accuracies for the inspection results are achieved despite the inevitable strong vibrancy and fast movement of the production line.

Operators use the Camconsole display to set up and calibrate new products and labels. All production data can be accumulated and logged, using the Camlink management & control database. It provides efficient monitoring for the complete production process.


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