Packaging Solutions

Tray Pack

Automated Vision Inspection for Tray Seal Integrity
Tray Pack system checks the seal integrity of thermo-formed food trays. Assuring a top seal quality any food residue or flaws like folds, creases or missing seals are detected at high accuracy. With a complete quality control, the product is securely packed and reaches the customer as intended.

The inspection system provides a compact machine unit that can be easily integrated into an existing production line. A Camsensor smart camera scans the passing trays continuously on a split conveyor. Single and multi-compartment trays can be inspected reliably. Faulty seals will be marked with an instantaneous reject signal.

The in-built operator interface Camconsole shows real-time production images and allows for a quick set-up of new products. Production data can be recorded to a database to review production processes. Camlink offers an easy-to-understand and fully customisable tool for efficient production management.


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