Veneer Grader

Automated Vision Inspection for Veneer Sorting and Clipping.
Veneer Grader system provides accurate and consistent sorting of veneer sheets based on visual and structural grade specifications. It also determines how veneer ribbon should be clipped to produce the best quality from the ribbon and diverts clipped defects to trash.

For the grading a Camsensor smart camera is used to continuously scan sheets of veneer as they leave the dryer. The sheets are then graded based on the size and quantity of holes, live knots, dead knots, bark, wane, resin pockets, splits and crescents.

For the sheet clipping a smart camera scans a sheet of ribbon from a peeled log. Clip decisions for veneer are made based on position of splits, holes, fishtails and spurs. The clipper blade is controlled directly. The veneer is diverted on the exit gate to control diversion of full sheets compared to trash and strips.


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